About Kenwood Furnishings LLC

The secret is now out about KenwoodFurnishings.com, the fast-growing, cool and unique “under-the-radar” online furniture superstore, specializing in:

  • Home Furniture
  • Office and Reception Furniture
  • Hospitality Furniture
  • Kid’s and School Activity Furniture
  • Church and Worship Furniture
  • Indoor and Outdoor Furniture
  • Party Rental and Special Event Furniture


At Kenwood Furnishings, our passion is providing affordable, quality furnishings in hundreds of popular designs and colors. We pride ourselves on offering stylish and comfortable furnishings for less without compromising quality. Our prices are so reasonable that nearly anyone can afford our stylish product lines. At Kenwood Furnishings, we can prove that quality items don’t have to be expensive.

Who We Are

Kenwood Furnishings is a simple single-site retailer that specializes in classic, contemporary, and retro style home, family, and commercial furniture. Because of our consistency in delivering superb products, we are an authorized supplier to University of Arizona Facilities Management,  University of Arizona Athletics, Tucson Medical Center, The Tucson Sugar Skulls and many non-profit organizations such as The Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl, The Boys and Girls Clubs and The Centurions. Kenwood Furnishings is an associate member of the American Rental Association. We believe that comfort never goes out of style. As experts in the furniture industry, we strive to combine functionality and aesthetics in every piece we build or represent. Also, we make sure that they fit the needs of homeowners, entrepreneurs, and other people in the corporate world.

Why Choose Us

  • We can ship most items on the same day they were ordered.
  • We have conveniently located warehouses throughout the United States, with a total area of over 1,200,000 sq. ft.
  • We are equipped with the latest technology in furniture handling.
  • We provide a fast shopping experience at a low cost.
  • We offer Free Shipping and exceptional service.
  • We serve customers nationwide.


Our Mission: To Create Quality Furnishings For Less

We aim to provide our customers with stylish, comfortable, and quality furniture at affordable prices. To make things more convenient for you, we also offer free shipping on our items! We have always been dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why we are willing to go above and beyond to bring our clients top-notch mid-range furniture that they can enjoy every day.

Ken's Background

Entrepreneur Ken W. Flower founded KenwoodFurnishings.com and Kenwood Furniture LLC in the heart of Arizona's Tanque Verde Valley, where he resides with his wife, Jeanne.  His diverse career includes the following work experiences:

  • - The Los Angeles Rams, The San Francisco Giants, The San Francisco 49ers, The National Football League, CBS-TV and NBC-TV Sports
  • - Founding a cellular telephone dealership in Los Angeles
  • - Production work in Hollywood on several motion pictures
  • - A 17-year corporate management and sales career in the world of radio broadcasting
  • - Founding Enhance Openings Windows, Doors & More (Enhanceopenings.com), which has become a market leader in its industry
  • - Purchasing Arizona Party Rental and Event Services in 2003, where Ken currently serves as President and ‘Chair-Man’

- Ken graduated in 1976 from Edgemont High School in Scarsdale, NY and received his college degrees from San Francisco State University and Menlo College in Atherton, CA.

Drawing on Ken's professional event, marketing, and corporate background, his Arizona Party Rental company quickly grew from a small local party rental entity to a family of locally-owned companies, including Flower Design & Decor Co. and Monteverde Gourmet Catering. The Arizona Party Rental Company is now the largest broad-based event services company in southern Arizona, where Ken is the current chairman.

Leveraging his skills in entrepreneurship and passion for small businesses, Ken helped to develop Enhance Openings Windows, Doors & More (Enhanceopenings.com), a company he founded in 2015. Today the company is a market leader in its category. He also joined Commerce Bank of Arizona in 2015 (commercebankaz.com) as a director and stakeholder. Ken currently serves as corporate secretary and chairman of the loan committee. Commerce Bank is a customer-oriented community bank providing personal and business banking services in southern Arizona and Scottsdale area. Time to move your money? Contact Jeanne Flower, the bank's Relationship Officer.

Continuing The Legacy Of Offering Premium Products And Excellent Service

The last 15 years of owning a rental company and serving as a design and event consultant have reinforced in Ken an attention to detail, a commitment to creating top-notch products, and an innate sense of timeless fashion. Through his latest endeavor, Kenwood Furnishings, Ken continues to harness and improve his entrepreneurial skills, driven by his passion for superior customer service.

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